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when together with friends

all men have sweetness in their live. that what help them go on it’s towards that they turn when they feel too worn out.

i felt lonely…

there were someone…
a helping ahand when i couldnt stand on my feet.

everything was new to me
but they opened the unknown for me.

friends changed my life.

one fine the all of us will get busy with our lives long working hours, no more lectures,classes and so on..
on such a day these good old memories flash by us and we will get a smile with tears in your eyes.
dont forget our friend who helped to create such memories..

thanks to all. 🙂

  1. 27 Juli 2011 pukul 4:29 pm

    Pertahankan persahabatanmu. Mendapatkan musuh itu gampang, tapi sahabat susah banget dicari. Bersama sahabat kita bisa mewarnai hidup kita dengan lebih indah dan berwarna.

    🙂 Salam,


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